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July 11, 2013 | Comments Off

Things have been slacking around this site, obviously. I thought I’d put a brief site update up before I sit down later in the week to write up Spenser’s latest health ordeal.

Thankfully Mark scheduled off of work from July 3rd through July 8th for the holiday because we needed all of that time for Spenser. On Saturday we were supposed to take up a huge load of donations to the joint cat and dog retirement homes we had previously been to. So we cancelled that, and I do feel like I let down a lot of people and pets. It isn’t like we aren’t ever going to go, but I just don’t know when I’ll feel comfortable leaving Spenser here by himself. Not to mention I’m now currently two weeks behind on my product reviews. I need to email all those people with revised post upload dates once I get that all figured out. But he has some food stuff here that I’m not sure when or if he’s going to be able to review because he doesn’t have a super great appetite. I’m certainly not going to force anything on him, so those products may end up getting donated too. All I want to do is watch him and listen to him. Honestly, having these reviews sitting here waiting to be done is really bothering me. I hate feeling pressured and/or like I’m letting these pr people down. I know that’s a silly way to feel because everyone knows that our furbabies come first.

That being said, my back pain has been atrocious too. This also eats at my desire and ability to do reviews. Between driving over there with Mark every day for a week, crawling on floors and mattresses to be close to Spenser, frayed nerves, and not sleeping well, my pain has shot through the roof.

So this is a good representation of what this past week has been like: Monday night the vet called and said that they’ve exhausted all their options and there’s nothing more they can do for him; Tuesday morning, a mere twelve hours later, the same vet told us that he didn’t feel like this was the end for him and that he could come home and keep improving here. The back and forth of it all! The ups and downs! The tears of grief and relief! Every few hours it was like we were getting different news. It’s been exhausting, but it’s worth it because he’s home with us now.

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