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May 27, 2013 | Comments Off

Unfortunately I can now safely say that this current dose of Methadone is not working for me. I go back in two weeks and what I’m hoping for is that she’ll increase the dosage and prescribe it for three times a day instead of two. That should jump-start something, if something can be jump-started, I would think.

I got a packet of forms in the mail that state it’s time for a review for the renewal of my disability benefits. Fingers crossed that this goes off without a hitch, but I’m very nervous! I haven’t forgotten all the hoops I had to jump thru to get them the first time around! It was scary and disheartening when I was initially rejected. Actually, I got two identical packets in the mail. The first was sent on the 20th and arrived here Thursday – they stated that the forms needed filled in and mailed by the 5th. The second was sent on the 21st and arrived here Friday – they stated that the forms needed filled in and brought in by me to their office on the 28th. That was no notice at all! They included a number to call if we couldn’t make it in, so I’ll be calling for sure. Mark and I filled out the twelve page packet together, and I guess all I need now is for them to say to definitely stick it in the mail. And then the tortuous waiting will begin all over again. I can’t imagine them rejecting me, but I thought that the first time around too.

So I got confirmation that the cat ladies were indeed being clique-ish, from someone who knows them and was surprised by their behavior, behavior that thankfully wasn’t geared towards just me. It’s time to let all that go, I guess, though I may make a comment on one of their blog posts where she talks about what a great job she did networking and how fun it was for everyone who went. I feel like saying, “Well, that isn’t exactly the case and let me tell you why…”

Anyway, so Mark and I are babysitting the cleaner’s baby every Thursday night from 6:00pm – 10:00pm for five weeks while she takes a summer class at the county college down the road from us. Her oldest daughter will watch the baby and the other two kids the other three nights of the week. I, of course, wish I could manage watching her more. She’s at such a cute stage! Our little orange Eva hung out with the baby too, and she didn’t mind when the baby “pet” her or pulled her whiskers (not too hard and all supervised, of course). So this past Thursday her two year-old had an allergic reaction and was taken to the emergency room while she was at class, so we ended up watching the baby until almost midnight. We were all sleeping by the time she showed up. I had offered to keep her all night if needed.

I’m starting to freak out because my upstairs is looking quite messy. There’s all the baby stuff and now there’s an extra chair up here to go with my new standing hair dryer that I got for my birthday. I thought the dryer would work behind my existing bedroom chair. Ugh.

So, not surprisingly, I haven’t stuck to my dairy-free diet. I forget what the first excuse was. Then there was the conference and travel. Then it was my birthday. Well, my body is so sluggish that I’m totally done with the junk. I’m feeling so ungodly rundown that I’m not even remotely interested in the ice cream cake that’s in the freezer. I’ve also started taking all those vitamins again too. The one thing I’ve thrown away is the Pregnitute. My period was five days early this month. So unless next month my nasty moods are nastier, I’ll just stop it permanently. The prescription on the outside didn’t match with the prescription on the inside, so I was about to run out anyway. With it being a holiday weekend, they never would have talked to my doctor about the right dosage before I ran all out anyway. Then it would have been like starting all over anyway, which I’ll just deal with if my moods warrant it. I think it might have helped with them (I should really reread what I write here), but I’ll know for sure in just a matter of weeks.

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