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Last weekend Mark and I had our first date night out in at least the past six months, if not longer. I’m not sure what took us so long, and I certainly hope that much time doesn’t pass again before we go out once more. Though I’m a homebody, I see the importance of doing something different and seeing each other in a new light. He told me I looked beautiful, and I honestly can’t remember the last time he called me that. He does say I am “pretty” every now and again, but hearing “beautiful” made me feel really special. Since I’m usually in nightgowns and in pain, I rarely feel attractive.

Anyway, we went to see Kathy Griffin at the Borgata in Atlantic City, making it the fifth time (?) we’ve seen her live. This time she talked more about general gossip than real-life encounters. I was bummed out that she spent a lot of time discussing Justin Bieber instead of The Housewives from her own network. That being said, we had fabulous seats (eight rows back, smack in the center), and the show really flew by (ninety minutes felt like just thirty). She almost tossed someone out because he kept shouting things to her (he mostly caught on to his own rudeness). Prior to the show we had dinner reservations at the Old Homestead. The food was fabulous the last time we ate there, and I was ready to take a break from being dairy free to have their macaroni and cheese again! Unfortunately for me, they changed the recipe, and it sucked. I have been dreaming about their mac and cheese for like three years or however long it’s been, so it was a crushing experience for sure. And this time I got a burger instead of a steak. This meant that I paid $35 for a bare bun! It didn’t have lettuce, tomato, or onion. I had hyped up this place in my head for so long for nothing. Oh! I was tired of my Spanx always rolling down whenever I put it on, so I bought double-sided garment tape to keep it in place, and it worked perfectly! Of course I thought I was ripping my skin off when I tried to remove the tape, but it was totally worth the pain and screaming.

Speaking of pain, last week I had mostly tolerable pain from Sunday thru Thursday after cutting out dairy and eggs. Friday, though, was horrible, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to put on a dress or enjoy myself for our date on Saturday. Though I was semi-okay for half of our time out, that night after we came home I was in terrible pain. And starting Sunday again I was back to being dairy and egg free. This week hasn’t been the best time for me with regards to my pain levels. I’ve had a really rough time in the late afternoons into the evenings from Tuesday thru Friday.

The other day Mark drove me to my appointment with my pain management doctor. I talked to her about what the new doctor had told me about my body being able to absorb more nutrients after being dairy and egg free. I thought maybe we could end up retrying some of the other meds I’ve already used. She thought that we could definitely do that, and she told me about this new thing that’s finally approved by most insurances. It’s called metabolic testing for opiate breakdown. Basically now they’ll get info from my body about what drugs should work for me and in what amounts. The office manager then swabbed the insides of both of my cheeks, and the results should be back early next week. She only gave me two weeks worth of oxycodone because she wants to see the results first before giving me more. Um, that’s the only drug that’s worked for me so far, no matter what the testing shows, so WTF. I guess we’ll see. I’m not going to get too upset or annoyed with that just yet. I started taking oxycontin again because of the dairy and egg thing, thinking maybe my body will respond to it. It didn’t, but it could still be too soon. I was told it could be two whole months before I’d feel an improvement with my pain, if I’m going to feel any at all. Anyway, when I was having a tolerable pain spell, I started thinking about what would happen if I did get better from being dairy and egg free or if this new testing offers up a combination of drugs we haven’t yet considered. I began thinking about doing all these things – yes, like fostering babies – and about an hour later was when I was hit with strong pain that brought tears to my eyes. Ugh. And after my appointment, I had to get my driver’s license renewed which irritated me because I never drive. I like to keep it for emergencies, but I don’t see why we have to go there in-person so often. Anyway, if you wear glasses, now you have to take them off – and you’re supposed to be without expression now too. You’re not allowed to smile or show teeth or look human! As a result, my photo is heinous. After seeing it, Mark thankfully said that I don’t even look like that.

Mark and I are both in agreement that Lulu’s bossiness is getting out of hand. She doesn’t want anyone else around me. She chases her sister away and smacks at her brothers. I mean, right now she isn’t even near me, so it’s not an every day, all day thing. But when she gets in her moods, her siblings need to watch out. She started this after Kippy went to Furbaby Heaven.

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