nvr miss litter box product review

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The nvr miss litter box caught my interest because it’s a high-walled litter box, and we had been witness to two of our five cats urinating over the sides of our other boxes (vertical peeing). We were obviously looking for a remedy for this type of behavior, and nvr miss litter box offered to send us out two to try, one for each of our litter stations. They have a cute little slogan on their website: “Does your cat think outside the box? This litter box is about thinking in the box!” It has a cat-friendly, center entrance that is positioned low enough to allow cats to step in and out with ease. The overall design provides a cue for cats to turn and align lengthwise which results in the box’s high walls keeping waste and litter contained. It has a very smooth finish, a flat floor, and raised corners for easier cleaning. The key to a clean litter box environment and reduced litter cost is efficiently removing waste and avoiding contamination of the remaining litter that this box strives for. It is 22″ long, 15″ wide, and 11.25″ high, and it comes in the colors white and medium brown.

Here are two photos of the nvr miss litter box:

NVR Miss Litterbox product review
NVR Miss Litterbox product review

Here’s a video where I take a closer look at it:

Included in the package:
- 2 nvr miss litter boxes, in white

Here is some information about the nvr miss litter box from its website:

The NVR Miss Litterbox™ features high walls with an opening configured so that the cat steps into the center. During the step in motion, cats will naturally turn left or right and align lengthwise, which results in a high wall surrounding the area where defecation is about to occur. There is also a greatly reduced amount of litter ejected during the burying activity.

Generously raised corners blend the surfaces together without sharp changes of direction. Smooth surfaces and a flat floor ease the scooping and cleaning chores. Efficiently removing the waste and keeping the remaining litter clean contributes to a healthy litter box environment. The 45 degree angled corners allow its placement close to an inward opening door, expanding location options. This is an ideal litter box for small apartments and other situations where space is limited.

These design elements result in a litter box that cats like to use and that is easy to maintain.

Eva & Sam check out their new nvr miss litter box:

NVR Miss Litterbox product review

Here Mark gets the new box ready for the upstairs litter station:

NVR Miss Litterbox product review
NVR Miss Litterbox product review
NVR Miss Litterbox product review

And here are two photos of Pacey using his new litter box:

NVR Miss Litterbox product review
NVR Miss Litterbox product review

The verdict? It was so hard to get photos of them in these boxes! I knew I’d probably never get any of them using the downstairs box since I mainly stay upstairs, but they only seem to use the upstairs one overnight or when I take naps! Finally, after I had almost given up, I caught Pacey using it. Though he wasn’t thrilled with having his private time photographed, I felt like I needed the pictures to portray a thorough write-up so you could see how the cats are supposed to turn lengthwise once they go through the box’s entrance. Now, Sam and Basia do the vertical peeing in our house. The box worked for our big boy Sam. He’s about twenty pounds, so his body is forced to turn longways. But Basia is a different story. She’s so tiny, so she doesn’t feel compelled all of the time to turn her body – thus she raises her butt over the back of it. I wish it had cured all of our problems, but at least it did help with one cat. Also, we’ve found that their urine doesn’t stick to the sides as badly as it does with the other high-walled boxes that we’ve previously tried. If you purchase this box, please let me know what you think!

(Full disclosure – nvr miss litter box provided these items to us free of charge in exchange for a product review. Thanks!)

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