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Plucking my eyebrows became an obsession for me, and they were getting thinner & thinner. I was embarrassed. I decided to look into permanent makeup as a solution because my brows were not growing back due to the over-plucking. I had to do some serious digging around because I saw some scary work online, and I obviously didn’t want to look ridiculous. During the research, I came across images of eyeliner work too. I have runny eyes that cause my eyeliner to smudge and/or come right off, so that also sounded good to me. But since I’m fussy about things getting near my eyes, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get that piece done.

It all started the first week in February and ended two weeks ago. I went in for three touch-ups after my initial appointment. Each visit lasted one to one and a half hours. There’s a recommended four week wait between the visits so that everything heals up correctly and there’s no bleeding. One time, however, I also had my brows redone at just the two week mark when I went in for an eyeliner touch-up because she determined I was healed enough. But normally you should avoid makeup & plucking for two weeks and then touch-ups can be done at four weeks.

I remember having a very tough time initially. I was called her most difficult client ever, especially at my second session which was for the eyeliner. The eyebrow work felt like an extreme tweezing session, whereas I felt the eyeliner was awkward & painful. Since I’m on such hardcore drugs for my chronic lower back pain, a regular dose of the numbing cream just wasn’t enough for me. Also, I had to have her stop a lot more than she was normally used to with others. Before one of the touch-ups, I had gotten my hands on some Xanax which did help, and I really wish I had gotten enough for all of my appointments.

After my first appointment, as you’ll see below, I left with very dark brows. This is what I feared, and I couldn’t envision it ever lightening up, even though she told me it would happen. And it, of course, did. By my last two touch-ups, I was handling it so much better, and she even called me a pro. Ha. I’d definitely get my brows done again, but I doubt I’ll do the eyeliner. I don’t like the way it feels, and it makes me incredibly anxious to have a needle that close to my eyes. In fact, I jerked away one or two times while she was on my eyelid and just barely avoided a disaster. FYI – all the cosmetic work will fade in time. Some clients go back in a year, some in five years. It just depends.

To care for the permanent makeup, a light coat of Vaseline is to be placed where the work was done and scrubbing the areas should be avoided for the first two weeks. That’s when the top coat flakes off to reveal the real color underneath. My q-tips were coming apart, so I ended up getting Vaseline in my eye which led to a mild case of pink eye. Blah. Also, because I’m stupid & didn’t like the way the hair looked, I plucked my eyebrows before I should have. This caused tiny holes to appear throughout my freshly done brows, ensuring that I definitely would need one of my touch-up appointments. Ugh.

So what do I think about it now that all is said & done? I do like that it looks like I have a decent amount of makeup on at all times. I used to feel so heinous-looking, since being in daily pain takes its toll. Now, though, I feel like I look less like a troll. All I need to do is take two seconds and throw on some brow pencil & mascara, and my eyes really stand out. I like having thicker brows that are defined. If I weren’t a wimp, I could see myself going back to get the liner put on a tiny bit thicker, but it definitely is enough. My eyebrows pull ash for some reason. No matter what colors we’ve tried to put on, they come out looking gray-ish, and not the desired brown I want them to be. I just use eyebrow pencil now, follow the work done, and voil√†. I definitely wasn’t adept at making them look thicker with brow pencil prior to this; it just would never look right. My only complaint is that there’s a tiny piece that’s lighter than the rest. It was added on during a later session and hasn’t quite caught up to the rest, even though it’s been gone over & over. All in all, though it was quite an investment in money & in time, I’m happy with 99% of it.

So here are some not-so-very flattering photos of this whole process!

First day, thin brows, with numbing cream:

Permanent makeup - eyebrows & eyeliner

Starting the outline:

Permanent makeup - eyebrows & eyeliner

Checking out the work:

Permanent makeup - eyebrows & eyeliner

One eyebrow down, one eyebrow to go:

Permanent makeup - eyebrows & eyeliner

Checking out her work and adjusting:

Permanent makeup - eyebrows & eyeliner

Leaving the office looking like a gang banger:

Permanent makeup - eyebrows & eyeliner

Here’s a video of her doing the initial outline:

The healing process:

Permanent makeup - eyebrows & eyeliner

Second session, getting the eyeliner done:

Permanent makeup - eyebrows & eyeliner

Leaving the office after the eyeliner work:

Permanent makeup - eyebrows & eyeliner

Permanent makeup - eyebrows & eyeliner

Back for a touch-up:

Permanent makeup - eyebrows

Ready for the touch-ups to heal:

Permanent makeup - eyebrows

After another touch-up session:

Permanent makeup - third eyebrow touch-up, second eyeliner touch-up

And a repost of my selfie from this past Saturday shows the finished product, with a little eyebrow pencil & mascara:

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