my sweet easter gift

March 29, 2013 | Comments Off

All I asked for was a white chocolate bunny, so the whole basket was a big surprise!

And I always ask Mark what he loves about me. I guess that stems from me being a disabled mess and feeling unlovable and unattractive. He doesn’t like being put on the spot, so he doesn’t exactly say things that wow me, if he thinks of anything to say at all. But get this! He typed out on slips of paper some things he loves about me and put one in each egg in my Easter basket! OMG, right? So I’m going to share them. This way I can refer back to this post the next time he pisses me off!

I love hearing about the goofy things you did with your friends when you were younger.

It may be slightly annoying at times, but I love that you demand perfection. I wouldn’t change that about you.

I love how excited you get when you see snowflakes in the forecast.

I love that you are incapable of hiding your feelings. Your facial expressions are a dead giveaway to your true feelings. You have a “happy look,” an “I want something look,” a “pissed off look,” an “I hear you but I’m going to do what I want anyway look.” I love them all.

I love the nurturing and love you show for your furbabies. It brings out the little girl in you.

I love the way you giggle. I think it is cute. I really enjoy hearing your full laugh too. I like when you are happy.

Devacurl was the best thing that ever happened to your hair. Rosalie and curls go together like peanut butter and jelly. Your curly hair is beautiful no matter the length.

I’ve always thought you had a very pretty smile. You should flash it more often.

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