The Fifth Paw product review

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The Fifth Paw is a new product out on the market that was created to make walking dogs an even more enjoyable experience. With the goal of making walking our pets fun & safe for the whole family, it was designed to keep hands clean & in control. Holding onto a leash while carrying things, like dog poop, makes it hard to keep a firm grip on the leash & the pet. Now we can be hands free & doody free with “an extra paw to help hold the doody” – which is The Fifth Paw’s slogan! It’s simply a tiny device that attaches to leashes and can hold bags, treats, and keys. It fits most medium & large flat woven or leather leashes. It’s easy enough for most anyone to use, perfect for almost every leash, stays clean & tangle free, and allows for safer walks with our dogs!

Included in the package:
- 1 The Fifth Paw

Here are some photos of The Fifth Paw:

The package itself:

The Fifth Paw product review

The three individual pieces:

The Fifth Paw product review


The Fifth Paw product review

On a one inch wide leash:

The Fifth Paw product review

Attached to the harness & ready to go:

The Fifth Paw product review

In action:

The Fifth Paw product review

Here’s a video where I take a closer look at The Fifth Paw:

In this video, Mark demonstrates how to attach The Fifth Paw to a one inch wide leash:

And, in this one, we hang a bag of poo from The Fifth Paw and continue on with our walk:

Here is some information about The Fifth Paw from their FAQ page:

Q: Will The Fifth Paw work with my dog’s leash?
A: The Fifth Paw fits most medium and large flat style woven / velvet / print or leather leashes.

Q: Is The Fifth Paw easy to attach to my dog’s leash?
A: The Fifth Paw slides onto leashes in three simple steps:
1. Slide the leash sideways into the clamping portion of The Fifth Paw. Two slots are available to accommodate the thickness of different leashes.
2. Slide on the rotating ring.
3. Slide holding ring in place and gently tighten.

Q: Can I position The Fifth Paw where I want?
A: Absolutely. But we recommend positioning The Fifth Paw close to where you hold the leash for best results. This will also make detaching the doody bag easier when you want to toss it in the trash.

Q: Do I need to buy special bags?
A: Not at all. The Fifth Paw works with any plastic bags you have on hand – whether it’s from the pet store or the grocery store.

Q: Will The Fifth Paw hold really big doggy doodies?
A: Definitely. It was tested on two Great Danes. Doggy doodies don’t get much bigger than that.

Q: Can I use The Fifth Paw to hold other things?
A: For sure. It’ll hold house keys while you’re out for a walk or jog with your dog, treat pouches, doody bag dispensers, or other small items you may need during your walk.

Q: Is The Fifth Paw made for anyone to use?
A: You betcha! Simply tie a knot in the doody bag, slip it into The Fifth Paw and walk on. The doody bag will rotate 360º around the leash, staying tangle-free.

The verdict? It’s a really clever product that’s super easy to use. I’m always looking for things to make my pets safer because they are my whole world. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times over the years that I’ve accidentally dropped a leash and then had a mini panic attack over it. This is at least one new way to eliminate that from happening, and that’s pretty cool. I like how easy it is to assemble & attach, and it comes in fun & vibrant colors. FYI – we placed ours on a one inch wide leash, and it worked perfectly. If you purchase this product, please let me know what you think!

(Full disclosure – The Fifth Paw provided this item to us free of charge in exchange for a product review. Thanks!)

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