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December 16, 2012 | Comments Off

All the pet presents have arrived! As much as it sucks to think about how weird and awful Christmas Day will be without Kip, I know that this is the second year I bought them a lot of awesome stuff. The best perk of having done product reviews is getting familiarized with great little pet companies. Instead of getting most everything at PetSmart and Drs. Foster and Smith like I used to, I bought stuff from ModernCat Studio, Purrfectplay, and Jake & Micah! Their stuff is so catnippy! And Spenser got some yummy treats from a Christmas village that’s set up near Mark’s work. Speaking of, he had his work Christmas party and apparently nobody was impressed with it yet again. A lot of people are saying that they might not even go next year, but I told him I’ll go if he wants me to. I even found the most gorgeous Red Rose Chiffon Tiered Dress at White House Black Market that I want to get for it once it goes on sale. It’s not really pricey now, but I can’t justify getting a dress he thinks is too dressy for an event a year from now that he might not even want to deal with. But knock 20% off and I’ll just have to get it and stash it.

I looked up a local chronic pain support group and was given a phone number to call. I left two messages, but nobody has bothered to call me back. That’s just fantastic. What if I really, really could have used someone to speak with or whatever? And this seems very familiar to me, so I think I’ve tried to reach this guy before. I imagine that it’d be hard to meet in person as a group. I’m thinking it’d be more of a phone or Skype thing, but I’m not sure I’m going to find out.

Speaking of pain, it’s been quite the crazy week for it. Last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I had really tough pain. It was horrible. Thursday and Friday I was very uncomfortable but it was less severe. And now this weekend it’s back to being a nightmare. Also irritating is that I’ve been getting up at 3:00am, 4:00am, or 5:00am each morning and have been unable to fall back asleep. I’ve dropped two meds, Gabapentin and Tizanidine, quicker than recommended, so perhaps that’s part of it. Another thing I’ve noticed is how watery my eyes have been. My cheeks get soaked within minutes if I’m not constantly wiping my face. Also, I’m still eating well for six out of seven days. Last week I didn’t lose any weight, but this week I was down another 1.5 pounds!

I found out that Mark kept going with making me a pet calendar, even after I ruined the surprise. He spent hours doing it, and my nitpicking self only found four things I would have changed had I done it on my own. Each month I’ll post a photo of what he did! Speaking of doing things, I’m going to start the dream board this week now that all my reviews are done, provided my back lets me. But if it doesn’t, I’ll keep watching Party of Five (all six seasons are now on streampix). I flew through the first season of Laguna Beach only to discover that season two and beyond can’t be viewed online without buying them first. The MTV videos won’t play on my iPad. ugh. They might play on my laptop, but that thing is a nightmare to deal with. I actually considered buying season two before I regained my senses. What else? I invited my brother over for Christmas, so I’ll see if he’s going to actually show up or not. And my cleaner’s second oldest kid was sick the other day, and she asked if she could bring her with her. I should have listened to my instincts because my house ended up stinking from diarrhea, plus she was really bad and it wasn’t from not feeling well. I got pissed when she randomly opened a door (I don’t want my cats to get out), and her mom cracked her on the ass for that one. And that’s it. My back is hurting and making me feel uncomfortable, and I’m cranky because my period is well on the road to being super late once again.

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