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It’s no secret how much I love everything that comes from Moderncat Studio. I’ve done reviews before for Kate, a cat style expert and founder, and have also continued to buy from her etsy shop multiple times. The shop sells beds, scratchers, toys (felt rollers, kickers, shakers, lynks, bamboleos, atomic flyers, to name a few), and more! This time around I got to review a really cool cat bed that even fits my biggest (20 pounds!) cat. Finding beds that accommodate his huge size has always been problematic, so we were definitely excited to see him able to lounge around in this one! Slightly off topic for a second, but Moderncat, another of Kate’s fabulous sites, offers a ridiculously awesome mailing list that I highly recommend. Okay, now back to this bed…

Here are three photos of it:

ModernCat Studio product review
ModernCat Studio product review
ModernCat Studio product review

Here’s a video where I take a closer look at it:

And now here are some cute photos of my cats enjoying the bed:

Sweet Kippy Dreams
Handsome Pacey Man
Pacey Snoozes
Pacey Snuggles
Giant Cat

Here is some information about Moderncat Studio from its website:

Moderncat Studio is a collective design studio run by Kate Benjamin, founder and editor of the popular cat style blog The studio is located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona in the Grand Avenue Arts & Small Business District.

Moderncat Studio brings together different designers who are interested in improving the cat product industry. We believe that well-designed cat products can make living with cats a stylish and positive experience. We create products that are beautiful and functional — appreciated by cats and the people who love them. Our handcrafted, high-quality cat products, made using environmentally friendly and cat-safe materials and finishes, offer an alternative to low-quality, mass-produced items.

Individual designers and design firms contribute to the creative energy at Moderncat Studio, and help create the products that you will find for sale in the Moderncat Studio Etsy shop and through select retail partners. Our products are the result of a collaborative team effort and each item is handcrafted by one or more of the designers involved in the studio.

The verdict? Although this particular bed is no longer being made due to cost factors, there are other beds to choose from! And since every single item I’ve ever gotten from Kate and her various companies has been exceptionally made, I trust that these are all of high quality as well. But if you’re not on the market for a cat bed, her etsy shop contains lots of other great items, as I’ve mentioned above. And more holidays are right around the corner, kitty parents! My cats really loved their Halloween gift basket of toys, and I just bought some “kitty coal” for them as one of their Christmas gifts! If you purchase any of these cool products, please let me know what you think – and tell Kate I sent you!

(Full disclosure – Moderncat Studio provided this item to us free of charge in exchange for a product review and ad space. Thanks!)

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