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November 13, 2012 | Comments Off

So this weekend was the Chocolate Show in NYC that I have been thinking about going to for years because it just looks so cool. This year in particular I had two tickets comped because I was going to write about it right here. It never hurts to ask PR people, and I was so psyched about it. But Saturday I woke up in way too much pain to do it. Sunday I woke up sorta hurting but overall just really not wanting to go. WTF, right? I wanted to stay under the warm covers with my fluffy new pillows and watch Dawson’s Creek, but of course I regretted not going later. My PMS has me crazy, for sure. According to my period tracker app, I’m already four days late. Super! Also on Sunday, Mark was a screaming mess. I felt like I was getting lectured on anything and everything, and it pissed me off. It finally got to the point where I told him not to come back upstairs for the rest of the day.

I am two episodes away from finishing season five of Dawson’s Creek. I watched nine episodes of it this weekend. I plan on finishing up the season next weekend when Mark watches football. I don’t get the whole Joey Potter love, especially when Katie Holmes was looking so rough. I also want to say that General Hospital is so, so awesome lately! I know the One Life to Live people have come over, and the good aspects that made that soap so fun are starting to show on this one now. But Faison? Yes!

Okay, so obviously I never leave the house, but I did some online shopping anyway. I needed new tan leather Keds, so I ordered them. I picked up a couple of shirts too from Old Navy. Now, I gave my cleaner my pink Coach bag which pissed Mark off, sorta rightly so. I just didn’t see the need for more than three of their bags until I needed to wear my pink coat out but then didn’t wear anything at all because nothing matched my new blue Coach bag. So I decided to keep my pink coat, glove, and hat set to wear outside if we ever get enough snow to go out in. Normally I don’t really wear coats often anyway. I stole my dad’s winter coat when I was a freshman in college and just got rid of it like two years ago or something. So I saw a blue coat on the Old Navy site and thought it could possibly match my bag. It probably won’t, and then there will be the hassle about returning it, but I’d love for it to look cute! And of course I realize that all this online shopping was simply beyond ridiculous. Oh! I also bought a new food dish for Basia from the Classy Cat Dishes people I recently did a review for. I think they are cute dishes, and my cats look super cute eating from them. Their possible benefits aren’t lost on me either.

The pharmacy my new doctor set me up with called me last Friday morning to set up my account (name, address, credit card info), but I didn’t authorize payment because I want to see an itemized list. I’m considering dropping the protein shakes from it, and I want to verify that everything else is on it with the correct amounts. The list was supposed to be in my possession by now, so I emailed and called my new doctor’s secretary to see what I should do. Tick tock.

I pulled four strands of gray hair out of my head, and Mark pulled out one that I just couldn’t manage to get my own fingers around. So I think getting my hair touched up and starting to tan will start to make me feel better about myself – at least I hope so. They are steps in the right direction until I can get my eyebrows and eyeliner done with permanent makeup. I’ve been eating better even before seeing the new doctor and taking into account his recommendations. I think it’s been about four weeks now, and I stupidly didn’t weigh myself at the start. In two weeks, though, I’m only down half a pound. That’s really depressing. I know being disabled and mostly bedridden don’t exactly mean that I’ll lose pounds easily or quickly. I do walk on the treadmill occasionally, but it needs to happen more often. I just never know how badly I’m going to (probably) suffer for it afterwards. Speaking of, I haven’t heard a peep from either the Reiki guy or the quigong guy. I may reach out again down the road, but the snotty part of me wants to delete their numbers from my iPhone stat. As for my pain levels, it’s just more of the same with the ups and downs. My back has been cracking more often, and it feels so good when it happens. I wish the relief weren’t so temporary! If this whole new doctor stuff doesn’t do anything for my back, I think it’ll be time to stop just talking about it and actually do go back to seeing a chiropractor and/or an acupuncturist.

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