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November 10, 2012 | Comments Off

The expected snowfall here ended up being nothing to talk about, and I have mixed emotions about that. Speaking of, last week at night I felt something jump on the bed, but no cat was there when I moved my leg around to find where he/she may have settled. I’d like to think it was Kip saying hello, but Mark thinks I need to think that. Gah. And my sobbing had improved some until the other day. It all started again when we were riding home from seeing my new doctor, and I was up crying in the middle of the night that same night too. As for the other babies, they’re all doing great. Basia is so affectionate with me, and I can’t help but still be surprised about it. Sam has been chasing his sisters much less. At night when we watch tv, he just has to lay all over Mark. Pacey is still chatty and suspicious, but he’s spending more time with me now. Lulu is throwing up less, and I can see her getting fatter. I keep telling her that we could eat her for Turkey Day. Eva is her same fun self. Since she’s orange and has a huge round tummy, we say that we’re going to eat her pumpkin belly for dessert.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, things blew up with my mother, as predicted. She didn’t seem to want to go to any of the places we selected that were halfway between the both of us. She sent us an email about a place that was in her town, and that immediately pissed me off. We were just there, and drives like that suck for my back as they do for hers, and I felt like all of the time we spent looking had been dismissed. So I said that they should eat where they want to and Mark & I will go where we want to, just like last year. Then she said they’d go where we were going, so I thought that was pretty cool. She said she’d look at their website. I never heard anything back, but I sent her an email about another place he & I were considering. She wrote back that she had other plans. So I called to see where they were going, and she was pissed because I had said I didn’t want to eat with them, but I hadn’t said that. I was just so over all the back and forth that I told her to just do her own thing. I even told her that we really wanted them to come with us after she brought up doing that. According to her, my dad’s heart is broken, and I suppose I’m the evil daughter again just because she focused on one piece of that phone conversation. I’m not doing this bullshit with her crazy ass over and over again, so I told them I didn’t want to spend Christmas with them either because it’s just not a good time. I’m over it. I went down there to surprise her for Halloween, and now she’s all crazy again. Of course she had to say something snotty back, and it was that she hopes I know what I’m doing by putting all of my eggs in Mark’s basket. Okay, because they’ve just been so helpful whenever I’ve needed them when things blew up here. Give me a break. I said my eggs are in my own basket. I don’t feel like anybody totally has my back. Anyway, my brother said that he might be eating Thanksgiving with us. I made reservations for three, but they can easily be changed if he ends up bailing like I think he will. I knew all this would happen, and it definitely didn’t bring out my most mature side. I’ve talked about her negativity and toxicity to my life many times over the years, and nothing has ever happened to change that for the better.

I think I have four product reviews left, plus two more once the girl I babysit for gets older, and it feels good to be winding down with them. I put so many on hold once Kip got sick, and my heart never got excited about doing them again. I think the time off may reinvigorate me and that I’ll be back to contacting companies in the new year. In the meantime I have to clean my closet and pull all my winter stuff forward. I keep some of the baby stuff in there, and I can’t move around in it at all. As a result, I’ve ended up throwing things in there and hoping they land in the right areas. Anyway, then it’ll be dream board time! I have tons of magazines sitting out, and I’m tired of Lulu smacking the poster boards to the floor right next to the water bowls. It’ll be fun to focus on it.

My pain has been crazy, so I told my cleaner that I didn’t want to babysit this week. I knew if I watched her baby on Tuesday that I’d be really screwed doing the long drive to see my new doctor on Wednesday. Turns out I’m still in atrocious pain from doing that anyway. I just want to sleep so I don’t have to feel any of it.

So I saw my new doctor like I just mentioned. We both thought he was very thorough. He’s prescribing a lot of different things for me, from fish oil supplements to testosterone creams to you name it. He wants me to stop the pravastatin I take and also increase the amount of Vitamin D I take. Apparently I’m pre-diabetic too. Yikes. I’m getting more tests done for my thyroid (they didn’t ask for the reverse T3) and to see if I have any food allergies. A lot of these things he’s testing for and adding into my system are all intertwined somehow and could be causing my back pain inflammations. It’s all very, very expensive too, and I doubt that the insurance is going to cover any of it. Yikes. The main thing is to eat even better (read: organic) than I’ve been starting to. While I have the palate of a toddler, I think I can eat some veggies if I sneak them into fruit smoothies and so on. This doctor was pretty freaking straight-laced, and it was my goal to get him to laugh a couple of times. I won! Mark is very hopeful, and I really want to be. Everything he showed us based on my test results makes sense. Even if my back doesn’t improve, the rest of me will. That’s great and all, but I just really want my back to get better first because the freaking pain is so all-consuming.

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