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November 7, 2012 | Comments Off

Last week I had to call my pain management office so I could do as my doctor said. She told me to cancel an upcoming appointment if I wasn’t having any issues and to come get the scrips that were in my file. Well, the office staff gave me a semi-hard time about it and said there was nothing in my file about it being okay to cancel my appointment and pick up any scrips, and there weren’t any pre-dated scrips in my file. Two hours later another person called me back and said my scrips were ready to be picked up at any time. I’ll (hopefully) get them the same day I head over to see my new doctor, the guy specializing in bioidentical hormone therapy. I’m hoping their staff doesn’t suck as much and that I finally get the help I’ve been waiting over five years for. I also took another glance at my lifeline, and I’m a little nervous about it. I certainly don’t have a long one, and I wouldn’t be surprised if all these pills I’ve been on do me in. That being said, I currently have the lowest number of pain pills left that I’ve ever had, and it scares me. The lower dosage I’ve been put on doesn’t help matters either.

Saturday morning Basia was taken in to get her teeth cleaned. One of the guys there was also here when the girls got checked out, and he asked if she was the boxer. Apparently Eva has made quite the reputation for herself! But, yeah, wrong cat. Anyway, it turns out that Basia didn’t need any teeth pulled out after all, thankfully. She was back to her same self pretty quickly after returning home.

Early Saturday afternoon my high school and college best friend stopped by with her three kids. We lost touch for many years, and this is the third time we’ve hung out since reconnecting on Facebook. We stayed in which made me happy because I’m a homebody and because of the back issues I had after babysitting the day before. Also, though, I was freaked out about my house getting disorganized and destroyed by kids. I made sure most of the breakables were put away. Her ten month-old never stopped once which made me worry about babysitting the girl I watch once she gets that age. She also brought her four year-old and twelve year-old, and they were both cute, funny, and reserved. She must have really threatened them on the drive up. Anyway, it went really well, I think. We talked, watched the kids play wii, had Mark put together a baby bouncer that went over well, and ordered in some dinner. She ended up forgetting her wallet, a kid’s book, and a wii game, so I put them on the front door for her to pick up. Don’t they call that kind of forgetfulness “mommy brain” or something?

So after leaving at least two messages, I never heard back from the quigong instructor. I’m guessing that whole thing is over. I’m wondering if I somehow insulted him during our last session because that honestly wouldn’t surprise me. But we texted about making Sunday our new day after he blew me off on our last Saturday scheduled. I guess I’m just going to have to walk on the treadmill more often when I can because it was just so hard to find him to begin with. Speaking of, after babysitting Friday and having company Saturday, I was in super intense pain from Sunday forward. Ugh.

So when we were trying to straighten up and put the house back together Saturday night, Mark suggested that we not put up our tall candelabra thing because we’d be putting up the Christmas tree in its spot soon. My God, that made me freak out. Time is flying by so fast that I can’t even wrap my mind around it. It’s supposed to snow two to four inches pretty soon. I love the white and everything else that goes along with it, but yet it just doesn’t seem right to get happy about this time of year when Kip isn’t around. Time is flying by so fast without him, and I don’t like it. He should still be here for all of these things.

I’ve asked Mark before to talk to the neighbor when he sees her about getting the front lights fixed. The first two owners of our adjoining yards had a deal where our house would pay for and maintain the water sprinklers for both yards and their house would pay for and maintain the lights for both yards. Well, the lights have been out for quite some time, and the whole safety factor has always concerned me, especially now that it’s getting darker out earlier. Mark just won’t say anything and doesn’t think that it’s even necessary for the lights to be on. I mentioned that it just makes it easier for some creep to break in and rob us or worse, but he thinks that’s highly unlikely. Doesn’t most everyone have the whole “It won’t happen to me” mentality? Ugh. So she was on her deck grilling two nights ago, and I told her the lights were her responsibility to maintain as the water was ours. She said she had replaced two lights that had promptly burned out, but then she said that she’d text the previous owner of her house to see what he did. I’m not sure why I felt like she didn’t believe me, but I just hope she gets them fixed. I’m sure it doesn’t help that almost everyone else in the neighborhood has theirs burned out too. That being said, there’s nothing stopping me from calling the service I told her about, but I wonder what she’d say when she got her electric bill.

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