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November 1, 2012 | Comments Off

Last Saturday my cleaner said that she & her boyfriend had a question to ask us. I immediately thought that we were going to be asked to babysit, but it was something very surreal. They want us to be godparents to all four of their kids. WTF. After a brief discussion, I found out that we are the most reliable people that she knows. Obviously they must associate with some wackos if we’re their best choice. I guess they are going to get this put in writing. I mean, her mom is a very put-together lady, so I think they’d go to her first. Or maybe they don’t want to burden her, even though she just loves spending time with the kids. I don’t know, but we said yes.

So Saturday morning I was waiting for our quigong instructor to show up. After he was supposed to already have been at our house for ten minutes, I sent him a text. He said his car was in the shop and that he could come later in the afternoon. WTF. Like when did he know that was happening? At least when I’m flaky, I give more notice than that. So he & I are now trying to set up a time each Sunday for him to come out. Well, there will be one Sunday that he definitely can’t do it because he’s visiting his family. Is three times a month even worth it? And I’m still waiting to hear back from the reiki guy about our second session. This whole setting up shit sucks.

Anyway, Mark took me to get my toes done & Italian face waxed, we finally dropped off those donations we got in memory of Kip (they were thrilled with them!), we ate lunch, and then we came back home to rest two seconds before going down to see my parents. While perusing the Halloween store last week, Mark got the bright idea to dress up and surprise my mom. My dad was in on it because he had to make sure my mom would be around. Mark ended up buying Spenser a pig costume and us pig noses, ears, and tails. We showed up with a trick or treat pumpkin, and my mom was ridiculously happy! We stayed there for a little bit, and I got to hang out with her outdoor cats which was cool. My brother showed up when we were halfway down the driveway, so we turned around to see him for a minute. We all actually had fun. What was not at all fun was the amount of pain I was in on Sunday & Monday just from doing those simple errands. It was terrible. The pain let up for a bit, but now it’s back to knocking me on my ass once again. We forgot to look up Thanksgiving menus online while we were all together, so Mark & I spent an hour doing that the other night. My mom wants a buffet setting, but I don’t like those things at all. Who wants to eat with other people reaching in and around your food? Ew. Mark is going to mail her a few places that are halfway for both of us to get to, and hopefully she will pick one. If she turns her nose up, she can start looking or we will all eat separately again. Mark offered to cook, but he’s just not thinking about the stress that’ll bring him. No, no, no, no, no.

As for Hurricane Sandy, some areas quite close to us got hammered. They are saying the shore will never be the same. We both feel pretty lucky overall. All that happened here was a tree went down behind our house, we lost cable for six hours, and our lights flickered a few times. As soon as the cable came back, I was back on etsy. I spent like eighty bucks, and both things are for the cats. I need an etsy intervention.

It shouldn’t be surprising, but I failed in my attempt to eat less inflammatory foods. I could have done a lot better than I did. But for the past three weeks I’ve been eating a lot differently, with only one cheat day on Saturdays. So I’m back to doing that anti-inflammatory stuff and watching my sugar intake. The new doctor I’ll be seeing apparently is big on factoring nutrition into the whole bioidentical stuff, but what can he do with someone who hates vegetables? I’ll have to get them blended into stuff so I can’t taste them, just like moms do for fussy toddlers. And in January I’m starting a whole different transformation of sorts, including more than cutting out junk. It’s going to involve tanning, more teeth whitening, and getting thicker eyebrows & eyeliner put on with permanent makeup. It’ll be nice if the doctor can fix that one part of me, and I’m going to work on another. Either way, something will change, and I need for something to change.

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