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Last year right after Halloween I stumbled upon ScooterKnits on etsy. I bought a few of her amazing cat hats then and recently picked up another one so that all of my furbabies would have their very own for this Halloween. In fact, while writing this, I went to her shop to grab the link, and I found her mistletoe hat. Holy smokes! That thing just killed me with its adorableness, so I had to pick up one of those too.

Anyway, Sara, the cat hat lady behind ScooterKnits, started creating these hats after adopting her two sweet kittens (now grown cats) from shelters. She found that taking pictures of her cats in these little hats created fun memories that she would always cherish. She’s worked with local animal shelters by providing them with hats for their shelter cats to wear in adoption postings, and she also has donated part of her proceeds to local wildlife reserves. Her current production times are averaging 3-5 days, but you can always contact her if you need an item by a certain date, and she’ll do her best to work with you.

As you can see from my photos above, her hats are freaking adorable! They’re so soft & well-made, and you can easily adjust how they fit onto your cat’s head. And she does designs year-round, not just for Halloween. Truth be told, some of my cats liked wearing their hats more than some of the others, but I think they’ll get used to them in time. And they better, because they’re all going to wear that mistletoe hat!

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  • Julie

    those hats (and your kitties) are ridiculously cute!

  • Thanks!

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