I love dressing up my furbabies in costumes! They may not particularly love it, but they tolerate it. This is our third year now, and this time we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out three Halloween Cat Hats from Drs. Foster & Smith!

Drs. Foster and Smith Product Review

Included in the package from them:

- 1 Pumpkin Hat
- 1 Witch Hat
- 1 Rooster Hat

Here’s a video where I talk about these cute Halloween Cat Hats:

Here is a description of them from their website:

* Halloween-themed hats give you quick dress-up option
* Slips over pet’s head easily – fasteners keep hat in place

Dressing your kitty or small dog for Halloween fun has never been easier! Felt Pumpkin and Rooster hats have self-fastening under-chin fabric strips and holes for ears. For cats and small dogs. Witch hat has slip-on toggle strap. 100% polyester. One size fits most.

Here are some cute photos of my furbabies in their fun Halloween Cat Hats!

The Pumpkin Hat is modeled by Pacey & Kip:

Drs. Foster and Smith Product Review


Drs. Foster and Smith Product Review


The Witch Hat is modeled by Sam & Basia:

Drs. Foster and Smith Product Review


Drs. Foster and Smith Product Review


The Rooster Hat is modeled by Eva & Lulu:

Drs. Foster and Smith Product Review


Drs. Foster and Smith Product Review


Lastly, Spenser had to get in on the fun too:

Drs. Foster and Smith Product Review

Here’s a video of Eva hanging out in her Rooster Hat:

The verdict? These are great! The previous years we bought costumes from chain pet stores & we seemed to have a common problem in that the sizing for cats was way off. Even our small girls couldn’t fit very well into specified cat costumes, so we had to purchase costumes for small dogs for most of them. These Cat Hats fit both our tiny girls & our big boys. That being said, we prefer the toggle strap over the self-fastening fabric strip because it allows for a tighter fit – we have some small kitty heads & some rather large ones! The quality is wonderful, and the price for them can’t be beat! As you can see, some of my cats didn’t mind us dressing them up & some are glad this holiday only comes once a year – but they look so darn cute in costumes that I just can’t resist! I’ve bought various items from Drs. Foster & Smith for years now & I feel very fortunate to be able to do reviews for them from time to time. They sell everything & anything you can think of for dogs, cats, birds, fish, and more! If you purchase any of their products, please let me know what you think!

(Full disclosure – Drs. Foster & Smith provided these items to us free of charge in exchange for a product review. Thanks, guys!)

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  • Monicaw42

    My husband said your animals rock because they will actually wear their costume hats & ours give us the looks of death. Lol

  • Pacey is totally giving me a nasty look!

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