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Mark’s back has greatly improved, thankfully. After getting a haircut & groceries today, he’s going to rest it for the remainder of the weekend. As for my back, hahaha. It was tolerable (in that I didn’t want to kill myself) until we had to gather all the pets for the mobile vet last night. Then BAM! I even had trouble staying asleep in the middle of the night because of the pain. And this morning it isn’t much better. Boo.

My period is still going strong; I’m on Day Twelve. The first time I called the gynecologist, I got a young girl who didn’t see the urgency of getting me in ASAP. I didn’t schedule anything & bitched to Mark about it. When I called back, I got someone else obviously older who told me to leave a message on some special line & that someone would either talk to me over the phone or squeeze me into their schedule. When they called me back, I ended up getting an appointment for next week. I could ask my brother to take me, but he’s recently pissed me off. My mom has her own medical stuff she’s dealing with, so I won’t bother her. My cleaner said if I moved it to another day that she could drive me. I think I’ll leave it as is & take a cab. I’ll just have to disinfect the hell out of myself afterwards.

The mobile vet thing last night was disastrous. They were running an hour late, but we had already put the girls in their carriers before we got the call. I also had put all the boys in the master bedroom just to be on the safe side. So we let the girls out but still kept them in the third bedroom. An hour later that meant wrangling with them again.

So, okay, the vet finally got here & we all went to the third floor. We first worked with Spenser, who ended up freaking out midway into his exam. It was just so strange. So we gave him a break and took Basia out of her carrier. We ended up seeing a different side of her, a psycho side. Mark said he heard sounds from her that he’s never heard before. It was terrible. She was really upset. She’s not normally one you can pick up & hug, but she’s done much better when at a vet’s office. We had to come back to her too. Lulu did very well. Eva was last. They remembered her from the last time they were out, so right away they wrapped her like a burrito. She did okay. Then we went back to Basia, and they wrapped her up as well. It went slightly better. Then Spenser finished up without too much trouble. But there I was hunched over on the floor making eye contact and talking & singing to them – is there any wonder why I can’t move today? Gah!

It was just an ordeal, really. Though there’s the obvious convenience of having them come to our house, there was still the struggle of rounding them up so they couldn’t run off or hide. I thought the pets would like it better because they were in familiar territory, but it made it worse for them, I think. I think having them in a strange location like at the vet’s office throws them off their game & makes them more docile. I don’t know. The bill ended up being cheaper than what we’re used to paying, so that’s a plus. I’m not sure they’re getting an equivalent exam, though. They all passed with flying colors. They are going to increase Spenser’s meds to see if that helps with his extra drinking & urinating. They were supposed to be here at 6:30, got here at 7:45, and didn’t leave until 9:30. I’m wondering if we need to find a new vet & scrap this mobile vet business. I was hoping it’d be less stressful on all of us, but it really wasn’t at all.

Speaking of Spenser, we started talking yesterday about how he seems so much healthier & happier now. It’s like after he recovered from that pneumonia two months ago, he turned over a whole new leaf – hell, a bunch of leaves! He’s even perkier than he was four months ago. It’s awesome!

So it’s a snowy & rainy day. I’m hoping snow this early in the year means we’re going to get hammered all winter long! I think the rest of today is going to include watching Friday Night Lights, making hamburger helper for dinner, and baking a Jewish apple cake. All that seems perfect for the weather we’re having! At some point tomorrow I also need to finish watching the Jersey Shore reunion which is really hard to get through because the host looks like a hooker with that hair & dress and Deena managed to make herself look even more hideous (and I didn’t think that was possible) with her new hair. I should work on getting photos & videos for my next two reviews, but it’s kinda hard to do that stuff when I can’t freaking move! Hopefully Mark will help with that before he loses himself in football. Oh! Speaking of, he just bought a domain for a football site he wants to write on. Ummm. I’d prefer he not pick up another sports-related hobby that’ll take even more time away from me, but I guess I’ll see how it plays out first before I lose my shit.

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