Funny enough, I wouldn’t have said Hyatt Place sucks a year ago, but I think they do now. And I’ll never stay there again.

Last year we stayed at one in North Jersey when I had my laser spine surgery, and everything was fine. So when we went to Virginia a couple of weeks ago, we stayed with them again.

When we got there this time, we didn’t get the room with double beds that we had reserved online. In fact, all the rooms with double beds were in use, so we were given a room with a king-sized bed in it instead. This wasn’t acceptable to me because of my back issues: Mark flops & snores, and I like to be as immobile as possible. It was late at night & I was already hurting after the long drive there, so we just went up to the room. The next day I complained, and the manager gave me a measly 10% off. I took that because I wasn’t in the mood to hassle, we were in a hurry, and I figured later on I’d email someone to bitch.

I filled out their online contact form and finally heard back from someone in Consumer Affairs today. I was going to name names in this post but decided against it because I’m better than that (but just barely).

Their first email said:

I am truly sorry that your request for two double beds could not be honored. When a hotel experience many guests requesting the same bed type; the hotel will be out of all the requested beds. Since you have a medical need situation; please let us know prior to arrival so your room can be blocked for you.

I replied:

We *booked* the room with the double beds. We have the receipt to prove it. They pulled us up in the computer and saw it too. So then why was it given away before we got there? That is the issue. My back issues being told ahead of time or not, they still gave our room away – and that is unacceptable.

She said:

I am truly sorry this is upsetting. The hotel did see your request for doubles; they were out of doubles. Bed type is on request only; did you arrive late to the hotel. We give rooms on first come basis upon arrival. Again, our sincere apology; the hotel would have provided double beds if they had any left.

Then I was irritated enough to call. I spoke with two lower level people who were pleasant enough, but they said that just because you request a room doesn’t mean you’ll get that room. I was not really happy with that response, so I spoke with a supervisor who was a total bitch. In fact, she ended up being really wrong in what she said. According to her, on the website & in email confirmations, it says “request,” not “reservation.” She said you request the room; you don’t actually reserve it. But nowhere on the site or in our confirmation email did I see that word. I said that, to me, a reservation seems like a guarantee. She said nowhere does it say that you are guaranteed what you request – you are just guaranteed a room.

My head started spinning. Why bother making a reservation in the first place then? Why did they bother sending a confirmation email with a photo of a double bed? She was actually playing semantics with me. When I tried to explain the huge inconvenience this caused me because of my chronic pain, she said she has back issues from time to time too. Apparently they aren’t that bad because she’s able to work & get snotty with customers whereas I’m disabled and wanted my own bed to sleep in. She was rude. Granted, I probably raised my voice first, but it’s her job to keep her cool. And nowhere did it say request like she insisted. I even went back to their site & went through the steps to make a new reservation just to see if the word “reservation” changed to “request” at any time; it didn’t.

I took a shower & started fuming even more. From having to re-explain that I had booked this particular type of room due to pain & arguing with a girl who said I didn’t really make a reservation when I clicked reservation, I was pissed.

I called back & spoke with another supervisor. He said that they only guarantee a room, not the bed type. He didn’t care that I reserved double beds. He said I should have left & gone to another hotel if I was unhappy. We had already paid in full online & I needed to lay flat as soon as I could. He also said that most people think king-sized beds are better. What the hell? What if I had been rooming with anyone other than my husband? And who was he trying to tell me I should be grateful for a bed I didn’t want? I said I was trying to appeal on a human level, not on a policy level. I needed the separate bed for my back pain. I was worse off walking out of there than when I walked in, and something is wrong with that when you go to a place for comfort & rest. He raised his voice too. After repeatedly telling me there was nobody above him I could speak with, he finally transferred me to his manager. She said the same things he did: making a reservation doesn’t guarantee you your bed choice. And they think the 10% I got back is sufficient compensation, even though that doesn’t cover the amount of booze usually needed to make my back calm down.

So, overall, Hyatt Place is rude, unbending, and not remotely sympathetic. So as my warning to you, avoid staying at any of their locations – and watch out when you book rooms anywhere because you just might not get what you medically/physically need.

Speaking of, I get a lot of email from people asking me about my surgical experience in North Jersey. Now I have one more thing to include in my replies: don’t stay at the Hyatt Place near the surgery center. They won’t guarantee the type of room you request to recover in, and they aren’t particularly apologetic about screwing you over either.

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  • Gabrielle

    I really sympathize with you. This is outrageous. I think you should send your story to asap. A lot of complains miraculously get resolved when posted there.

  • I'll google that in a little bit when I'm a little more alert. Thanks for the info, G! :)

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