puke and rally

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I stopped writing for a bit because I was overwhelmed by all that was happening with Mark and my furry little babies. I wasn’t sure I even wanted to come back to this, but I think I’ll slowly get back to posting here and there. I just watch so much tv that it keeps me occupied and then I don’t necessarily feel like I want to write. Anyway, I need to talk about them, about our outdoor critters, about a grifting woman who owes me $3000 – and still about our 20-year anniversary trip that took place back in September!

ahead of the curve

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We named our Maine Coon kitten Oliver back in 2016, so I guess I’m one trendsetting bitch!

I’m a trendsetter. We got Oliver in 2016.

Oliver likes to lay around like this, but it sure doesn’t look comfortable:

The weird way Oliver lays. How is this comfortable? - photo 1
The weird way Oliver lays. How is this comfortable? - photo 2

I guess this guy decided that walking a few more steps to place the package on the bench was absolutely just too far.

This one was very, very sweet with our newest kitty visitor who has been stopping by lately. I have a whole story about that little guy forthcoming.

crazy, not sexy, not cool

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Just when I was getting back into the swing of things around here, I got a little too overwhelmed to function. Now all three of my cats have serious issues going on. Mark’s surgery is very soon. I’ve been trying to keep my emotions steady during bombshell after bombshell, but yesterday I lost my shit and had a crying-filled meltdown. Anyway, I’m taking notes as things happen so that I can still eventually write about them. For right now, though, I think things will remain more sporadic than regular around here. Also, medical marijuana is the tits, man.

blooms and such

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The older couple who lived here before us really put a ton of effort into their yard. There’s always stuff blooming, from April until August. I took pictures of most everything as they popped up this year. I was waiting to post the link to the photo album until after the berries appeared on our holly bushes. But this year, for some reason, I am berry-less. Bummer. I especially love them the most too, as they are very Christmasy. Anyway, if you’re into finding out what’s in our yard, click here

from rags to riches

November 6, 2018 | Comments Off

I know I talk a lot of shit about Mark, so sometimes I should say nice things to balance it out, right? I think it’s funny and cute when he sings our babies a song I sing or calls them by a nickname I use. Sunday night he sent me a text that he couldn’t bring me something right then because Fluffinz was cuddling with him, and that’s one of my nicknames for Oliver. Also, last night he was drying Lulu’s feet after her bath and called them her feetsies as I do.

Yes, we gave Lulu a little bath. She was pretty greasy from my lotion overuse. I am constantly putting it on my hands, so it can’t help but get all over her. In the past few days, Mark’s full service pet salon has been open for business. He’s done nails, shampoos, brushing, and blow-drying! He can be quite a good daddy.

And he’s also worried that he will run over Nabi, the neighbor kitty. She has twice now darted out right in front of his car as he’s been pulling in the driveway. He drives at a snail’s pace, but still. We’ve tried cautioning her about her daredevil acts, but we aren’t getting through to her. We’re not really sure what to do.

And, speaking of kitties, Oliver was sleeping so sweetly on Eva’s favorite bed that it warmed my heart like crazy. It’s the yellow one with the woodland creatures all over it. It’s like she’s helping him heal. Of course, my morbid, twisted brain can’t just focus on a positive. I end up thinking about how I failed her on her last day with us. I do that with all of my pets, but I do it with her the most, for obvious reasons. Instead of remembering only the good things, I think about what I should have done differently.

my only reason why

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We’ve had some majorly annoying internet issues lately. Things started with it going in and out like a flash. Then it started staying out longer and longer. We’ve had the router replaced twice, indoor wires replaced and tightened, and the outdoor connection redone. Forgive my misuse of the lingo. Anyway, we have been texting a supervisor who seems sort of committed to getting this resolved, so that’s hopeful. The last thing I heard was that they’re tracking interference but aren’t sure where it’s coming from. So they need to figure that out somehow. That’s all irritating in and of itself, but then there’s the miscommunication that happens with these appointments. Saturday was when they were coming to redo the wires to the house, but they showed up with a third router. Ugh. I wish we’d have a higher priority or some such because Mark works there, but no such luck.

Speaking of Mark, he’s been talking about putting the house back together after Oliver’s next vet visit in two weeks. This inorganization is getting to him now too! Yay! As long as the cat tower stays in the kitchen, Oliver should be ready at that point to handle the height of the rest of the sunroom’s furniture. So if he still is making such good progress and they still agree with what they said he can and cannot do, we will probably start getting everything put back the way it was. And that will certainly help out my mindset some.

As for Oliver, yesterday was his best day since he came home from his hospital stay. Mark says he really turned a corner, and I totally agree! He was moving around more and was so, so playful. Even his little kitty face looked like he felt so much better. Seeing him like this and knowing he will have more days like this is such a huge relief!

Mark has always talked about growing a moustache for Movember. This year he’s committed to actually doing it since it’s about raising awareness of men’s health and he has cancer. It’s just a moustache, but I think he looks ridiculous. The beard look is fine on him, but this just makes him look like a creepy bastard, like he owns a white van and sits outside of schoolyards. I understand and support its significance, of course. Maybe I should grow mine out too?

What I am definitely going to do, though, is get my eyebrows microbladed again. You can’t even tell I got it done the first time because it’s so faded. I’d really like to get them done before his parents come so I don’t look so washed out. Even with all that’s going on, I’m still ridiculously self-absorbed and vain. At least something is staying the same during all this upheaval, I guess.

the latest on my greatest

November 3, 2018 | Comments Off

Mark saw a urology oncologist on Wednesday. His kidney tumor is most likely a low-grade, localized renal cell carcinoma. They have very low metastatic potential when they are under three centimeters, which his is. The doctor said it could be monitored for a bit with regular scans to see if it changes. He also said it could be removed right away, even though it currently isn’t imperative to do so. That always seemed like the best bet to us to begin with. Mark asked him what he’d do if it were him, and he said that he would take it out. His general advice is that younger patients should treat it aggressively. So, yeah, his surgery should be curative, unless something pops up during surgery itself or after surgery with regards to the results.

Oliver had a vet visit. They took his staples out, and he had his first physical therapy (one of three) session. They had difficulty getting one of the staples out, and Oliver even growled a little bit as they worked on removing it. My poor boy! They fussed over how gorgeous he is, so I’m sure that helped the situation some. They also said he’s doing well and looks good. So his healing is right on track, and that was a relief to hear. They gave us a few more physical therapy exercises to do with him here at home. I’m both excited and nervous; I’m happy that he’s ready to do more activities, but I’m worried that he will be in pain or uncomfortable afterwards. After that session in their office, he seems to be kind of sluggish and not all that interested in walking around much. I mean, it’s only been a little over a day, but still. It’s hard to see him not feeling well. Thankfully he has plenty of pain medication for all of this!

Here’s a video of Oliver getting laser therapy at his appointment:

They also said they couldn’t believe how cooperative he was being during his treatments. Yay! That’s my sweet baby!

a cute hello

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Mark told me to check the kitchen’s security camera because he had a surprise for me.


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